Queen Jadwiga Motel
Zespół turystyczno-hotelowy
woj. Swietokrzyskie
27-600 Sandomierz
ul. Krakowska 18
tel./fax (+48 15) 832 29 88
mobile (+48) 601 153 276
mobile (+48) 693 468 091
e-mail: motelsandomierz@go3.pl

        The "Queen Jadwiga" motel is located in a historic building, situated in the Old Town at the foot of a castle near the Sandomierz - Kraków route next to the entrance to the Queen Jadwiga Gorge. We have double and three-bed rooms. We organise weddings and other family celebrations, providing accommodation to the guests. There is also a conference hall in the motel. We offer also full board for meetings involving painting in the open air and training conferences. We provide complex services to individual and group tourists too. The motel houses also a gallery where you can buy works of art and antiques.

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